Chennaiite and the Half saree 26/08/2013

I am amazed at the unparalled  influence movies have on  women of Chennai who have gone all out to switching over to the traditional ‘half saree’ which was once considered ‘prudish’ by  those who claimed to be  stylish. I would wear it to college in early sixties  and my class mates comprising  teen agers  from Bengal, Bihar and some south Indians as well who donned the ubiquities  salwar kamiz  would  show their blatant disapproval! Nevertheless I stuck to it  until I completed my P.U.C.and switched over to a  saree while pursuing my degree(the half saree was  a bridge between  a full skirt and  a saree, similar to P.U.C. and the degree course).

Now after  decades with the arrival of  the movie  ‘Chennai Express’, the  old fashioned  half saree which made the wearer appear the odd one out has come back with a bang. Probably  the sari would lag behind in the present infectious scenario! Thanks to  Deepika Padukone who carries it off like the manner born.


n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “Chennaiite and the Half saree 26/08/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    It took me some time to figure out what you are referring to as half-saree is called Pavadai-Melakku in Tamil. I am sure there are equivalent expressions in other south Indian languages. This ‘half-saree’ was very much in vogue even in Hindi movies in olden days. To see Vijayantimala dancing in the half-saree in Naya Daur (Hindi movie), copy and paste the following link!

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