Chennai ladies go hep! 29/05/2013

If you think  only film stars wish to go  hep and be recognized  in a crowd  you are mistaken and probably much behind the times. As proof you  just have to be present at a few marriage functions irrespective whether it is during muhurtam  or a  reception  and you can spot  ladies looking like film personalities and also acting like them, complete  with plastic smiles and quickly  gliding through the crowd.

I  must  admit  I failed to place  some of my own long standing friends because of their transformation  both in appearance and their sartorial preferences. I remembered them to be  more like me, traditional, almost old fashioned which meant wearing a kanjivaram sari suiting the occasion and sporting  a fairly visible tilak  on their  forehead and some jewellery ofcourse.  Since I didn’t wish to make a faux pas, I hesitated to greet them  and by the time I could be sure, all of them had left the venue!


n.meera raghavendra rao  


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