Business Management and English! 12/08/2013

Recently  when I heard  the success story  of  a  small town  entrepreneur  who started in a very small way  I was convinced  that  one doesn’t require either a management qualification or knowledge of English to reach great heights in one’s  respective business both in India and abroad. His secret  was he had meticulously   observed the  behavior  of people he came across right from saints to sales persons and tried consciously to follow it. He said there were  no mentors in those days but there existed models  who were  worthy  of emulation and this stood him in good stead both in  his  business as well as in society.

This  Padma Sri  Awardee  kept the audience glued to their seats the one and half hours of his  address which was followed by a Q and A. He said in a lighter vein that whenever  he is invited to speak he finds the organizers sometimes are  not able to stick to the time of commencement of the meeting for what ever reason but   he makes it a point  to conclude his speech at the scheduled hour. For once we were happy that we could totally focus on what was being said and not shift our attention to the screen now and then as it invariably happens in such meetings/presentations.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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