Balancing Profession and Passion 28/12/2013


Hitherto, artistes would  diligently pursue and stick to their own field of calling/interest, be  it music, dance, painting or writing but now we find most of them pursue a parallel interest, sometimes doing justice to  both which I feel is a real achievement  on their part.  A glance at the  artiste’s profile, whether of a male or female  shows they range from medical practitioners, IT and  Legal professionals, Engineers, jewelry designers and Consultants of all kind. Probably only the last  has the advantage of  persons with flexi timings which  contributes to their growth in the chosen art.

The  list of  musicians of  old  begins with the trio M.S.Subbalakshmi, D.K.Patammal, MLVasantha kumari   and  a few male  artistes which includes vocalists and instrumentalists (their number is  perhaps  more than their female counterparts) who are remembered for their  traditional approach and purity of performance.

The other day, a person sitting next to me at one of the day concerts, remarked present day artistes are giving tradition a go by and are playing to the gallery which old timers like him  find it difficult to digest or accept.

I wondered  if  pursuing a parallel  profession is the culprit!


n.meera raghavendra rao   


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