Are parents to blame? 13/03/2013

The other day  at a Get together we were all asked to introduce ourselves and we did so in right earnest with the result everyone of us came to know a little about our background/families  and  achievements for the first time. Since the occasion was to celebrate IWD, for once the men folk were not included. Though we had a free wheeling discussion on several issues pertaining to women  the main focus was on  reasons for  children turning into riff raffs thus posing a danger to safety of women besides  becoming a menace to society. In general  we thought  it must be for  the following  reasons children  turn to unsocial activities ranging from the mildest to the serious: Pampering by parents (especially the rich and powerful) by  giving  children  too much freedom and pocket money; Working parents giving into their childrens’ demands  to compensate for lack of time spent  with them; parents increasingly becoming self centered furthering  their own interests and wanting to be left alone to enjoy life and  finally frequent quarreling  by parents in front of their children.

But are parents to be blamed for all the omissions and commissions of their children once they become adults and have greater exposure to society?  If so, what is the role of  education if it doesnot  prepare one to discriminate  the good from the bad  and choose the former  to follow?

We are yet to find an answer.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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