A True sense of Belonging 26/07/2013

The girl I met at the shop  must be hardly six or seven and her little brother probably a few years younger and I was amazed  at the girl’s  good manners,  said my husband  soon after we returned from one of the leading shops offering a Sale for Aadi season.

What was so amazing? I am sure she addressed you as  Uncle and not Thatha  which must have flattered you, I said  knowing how any man would be susceptible to compliments especially paid by someone young enough to be his grand daughter.

Infact  she addressed me as mama and offered the cool drink to me when  she noticed me sitting by her side, he said.

Did you accept it?  asked.

Don’t be silly, he retorted.

Then an elderly lady looked around to find a vacant seat to shop in comfort and this girl immediately got up and  offered her seat to her. Doesn’t that speak of her good manners? He said.

I asked her in which school she was studying and the name she mentioned appeared unfamiliar to me. When I said so, she repeated  the name  with the same politeness saying it is in the U.S. where  they live.

Meanwhile her brother was claiming her attention wanting to have her glass of juice and she readily gave it to him, he said  reiterating  his praise for the girl’s good manners.

Since I couldn’t contain my curiosity anymore, I asked her how she was able to talk in such chaste Palghat Tamil when she had been living abroad for so long.

Well, mama, we belong to Palghat which is our HomeTown, she replied with a sense of pride.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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