A Day for Diabetes 19/09/2013

It was not the World Diabetes Day  but for Chennaites  14th.September  was a Day of  conferences and  Get togethers. The first  was the 22nd.Annual Conference of Andhra Pradesh Diabetes Federation  spread over  two days  and it  was  held at hotel Savera. Dr G.Vijaya Kumar, in his President’s  message  said Treatment of Diabetes  is challenging to the care provider and he has to be constantly updated  on the Current Trends in Management  of  Diabetes (which was the theme of the conference ). The Samavesh Hall  was packed to full capacity as it included some  non professionals  who were invited  for the  inaugural function. Some  senior diabetologists like Dr.C.V.Krishnaswamy, Dr.Seshaiah  and others were honoured  which was followed by honoring patients leading  a healthy and active life despite being diabetics for more than 25 years. The sessions commenced on time  and the schedule through out the two days  was strictly adhered to by the  speakers as well as  the participants in their  interaction with the Specialists.

The second event was a Women 2Women, a movement to garner the ‘social’ strength of women, to empower women and communities about healthy lifestyles and diabetes which is  the initiative of   Chairman and M.D.,Biocon Ltd. Padma Bhushan Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. The event  was held at the Ball Room of Taj Coromandal  which was again packed to the brim by  mostly  women including celebrities, educationists, and  members  of high profile ladies clubs in the city. There was a short film to convey the importance of a healthy life style  among all ages and prevention of Diabetes among women. The talks by doctors were very informative and this was followed by a dance  performance which unfortunately was sparsely attended because by then most of the audience gathered to take part in something more appetizing that was happening outside the Ball Room


n.meera raghavendra rao




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