A journey into the world of Mass communication – Mehak Jonuja

A journey into the world of Mass communication

Mehak Jonjua

Mohindra Capital Publishers

Plot 25/7, Indl.Area, Phase -11,




The author makes an attempt  to touch on different aspects of Mass communication  in her book which appears  more like a  ready reckoner  than a journey in depth. The contents which cover a wide range of  topics  are mostly  theoretical in nature apart from being extremely  brief. The earlier chapters begin with  communication models  and theories followed by  concepts in  print and electronic media. The later  chapters deal with Advertising, Public Relations, Commissions and Committees and Media Laws. However the first is dealt at length with illustrations which thankfully pertain to  the Indian context.

Discussing the  several advantages and disadvantages of  advertising the author says  the former cut costs and  create an attitude change among the buyers and the latter  result in a wastage of time and space besides  making  false claims  about products in order to lure gullible people into purchasing them. The  example cited in this context  is  a memory enhancing drug, ‘memory plus’ the chess wizard Vishwanathan  Anand claims to have been benefited by the product. ‘But Anand was a chess champion long before this product was developed and presumably had a keen memory even then. When the advertisements fail in their promises people become frustrated …’ says the author.

The 4ps in relation to advertising, the major  types of advertising and the media used for the purpose   are explained   with examples. This slim volume will certainly be  useful to those in the  field of advertising which is increasingly becoming challenging.


n.meera raghavendra rao

published in VIDURA Jan.-March issue


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