A Talk and a book launch 21/02/2013

Feature Writing IIThe topic  ‘Self regulation by the media—Is it necessary?’ was  relevant to the times  considering  the media bashing that is  going on for over stepping its limits and  betraying trust among people. But Mr.B.S.Raghavan, former civil servant   in his talk at DSCN2559the Press Institute of India reiterated  ‘Trust begets Trust’  which had been his policy as a secretary in the Union Home Ministry. He said ‘If you bear this in mind 50 to 60 percent of the problems can be solved. If you  take the media into confidence with regard to sensitive and delicate matters, then they will never let you down and this is my experience.’ To foster  a better DSCN2574-1understanding of the media  he suggested    readers of newspapers could form associations to interact  with the media, thus establishing a two way communication. An ombudsman for each newspaper or channel would also help towards this, he said.

After a brief  Q and A, he launched the second edition DSCN2576of ‘Feature Writing’ written by n.meera raghavendra rao and spoke a few words about the book saying  it was a scholarly work by the author, useful both to students of journalism and those who have a flair for writing features.

DSCN2562The  author related briefly  her motivation for writing  a book of this nature and  when the publishers of the book  wanted to know her USP, she said there were very few on the subject written by Indian authors, who  explained   the concepts with  illustrations from their own published work.



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