Dune bashing in Dubai 11/12/2012

To a visitor from India Dubai is synonymous with shopping for the yellow metal and electronic goods but for someone like me, they figure last in my itinerary as  sight seeing is my priority and I found  Dubai offers  a lot  in this respect.

Dubai 3The mandatory three hours before your flight departure is quite an ordeal as most of the time you find yourself standing in the queue for immigration. To avoid boredom I picked up conversation with a couple standing behind us. The elderly gentleman said he was bound for a conference in London and his wife began  the conversation by asking me if I was a Gujarathi. Once  we boarded the Emirates flight, the huge airbus   reminded me of JAL, we took from Tokyo to  Vancouver packed to capacity. The airhostesses in their Arab costumes spoke good English and the food served consisted an apology for masala dosa and  a huge vada which was almost bland. We  reached Dubai around 1.30p.m. (Dubai time) and I found weather was as warm as in Chennai  and when I said what I thought  to one of  the airhostesses  while alighting, she vehemently  denied  saying Dubai is very pleasant and wished me an enjoyable stay and so it was with our nephew and his family. Even as we were heading to his place the 41ST.National Day celebrations had commenced  a week in advance with cars sporting national flags whizzing past us.

Dubai 1Our tickets for the Desert Safari were booked in advance  but we had kept our fingers crossed  as  the previous evening it rained cats and dogs  accompanied by thunder and lightening which seemed  was unusual in the desert city (it appeared the last time Dubaiites experienced  such down pour was more than a decade ago). Fortunately the weather cleared  next morning and our programme for the day was on. Not having had the experience  of  a roller coaster ride I looked forward  to one  in the desert and what an experience it was, never to forget in my lifetime.

Dubai 2The  driver of  the vehicle which was probably a xylo insisted we wear our seat belts at the commencement of the journey into the desert. He stopped the vehicle and  depressurized the tyres for the onset of the 45 minute  adventure. Before reaching  the desert we had seen a sparse growth  of  dried trees and spotted clusters of flamingoes. As  we were being driven through the desert with its twists and turns, the sight of   endless stretches of brown and gold sand dunes appearing like little hillocks  glistening under the sun took my breath away and even as I was taking in the visual treat, suddenly we found  the driver  ascending  seamlessly what probably was the highest dune (could be  more than hundred metres) and descending with equal  dexterity but  the experience had us screaming, our voices reaching a crescendo with excitement even as  our insides were churning due to  nausea. Hats off to the driver, the professional that he was did not  get distracted, on the other hand he appeared to share our delightful experience of dune bashing. After a brief photo stop  we went on the last lap, a fifteen minute drive to the desert camp. The camp was Dubai 4 buzzing with activity with  women getting their hands painted with henna,  (some men too had their arms painted), men donning Arab costumes and being photographed and people going on camel rides.  There was a belly dance by a pretty woman who  looked like an Italian but some in the audience commented that she  was shaking her hips more though it is called a Belly dance. This was followed by  dinner and  the camp closed at half past eight  and thankfully the return journey was on a level road.

N Meera Raghavendra RaoDubai 5


4 thoughts on “Dune bashing in Dubai 11/12/2012

  1. Maremanda Jaya Rao

    Myself and my wife are frequent visitors to Dubai and experienced the Desert travel ourselves,along with our daughter,my sister in law and my brother’s daughter in law,a few years back.As the author(she is my first cousin) has expressed it is an experience by itself.The driver’s are really top class and “full of concentration”maneuvering the curves and heights..I think they have fun overtaking each other.The timing is so planed that we have sunlight merging into dusk and this adds to the thrill of the participants.Some have to swallow a pail killer on reaching the Desert Camp.The atmosphere in the camp itself is fully of gaiety and one can appreciate the child like simplicity.All told IT IS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.
    Veteran Dr(Brig)Maremanda Jaya Rao

  2. V.N.K.Kumar

    So now I know the reason for your blogging-silence. You are an itinerant. Good for the rest of us. We will know a little more of those places through your descriptions.

    1. Glad to know Prof. that you come to know about more places through my blog.I do need regular visitors like you who also take the trouble to offer your feed back which eggs me on to keep my posts going . Thanks.

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