3E’s of Travel


2 thoughts on “3E’s of Travel

  1. V Raghavan

    I spent two nights and three days in Kurumba village resort last week. Please read Meera’s description of the place in her travel book as well as in her blog under Travel ( Archives 2009). You cannot really add much to Meera’s excellent coverage of this resort. It is truly in the lap of nature. I was awe struck by the views from the breakfast table. The very first time I saw it, I called my d-i-law in Bangalore to tell that she should not miss this place. Spent several hours lazing around in the balcony of the cottage. Bunches of green pepper were hanging across within arm’s reach! Did the forest walk as well which Meera and Prof missed. There was not a drop of rain in the three days, rather unusual for a hill resort. The owner Sanjay Narayan runs the place just for the love of it.

    1. Happy to know you visited the resort and seemed to have enjoyed your stay in the lap of nature .My cousin who is a retired High Court Judge read about KVR in my CFTB. and is drawn to it ,wishes to make a visit.

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