Your ‘neighbours’ 16/04/2012

Do you know who are  going to be your neighbours? I don’t mean your  neighbours   occupying houses/apartments on either side of  your residence  but  your ‘neighbours’ of  an hour or two. They come in all shapes and sizes and you become victim of  their habits and mannerisms that you wish they had  never chosen to take a seat beside  you, be it at a meeting, conference or even at a wedding.

Several times I was caught in a situation that was not  of my own making and I couldn’t wriggle out of it in the name of courtesy. This invariably happens when I  choose to  attend any of the above  events alone which means I will have two neighbours sitting on either side making me tense all the time! On one side I have to protect my beautiful sari from the person sitting cross legged with his/her foot ware encroaching into my space and thus  transferring  all that  is  beneath it on to my expensive sari, and on the other side I find my  neighbour(on the right) in an attempt  to catch up with me, talking so animatedly, blissfully unaware that the spit being thrown up in the process is landing  on  my face. Worse still have been occasions when it landed on my plate while I was in the midst of having lunch/dinner!


n.meera raghavendra rao     


4 thoughts on “Your ‘neighbours’ 16/04/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    How horrible!

    Gone are the days of chivalry! You see them only in old English movies. The heroine is about to open her dam and the hero is ready with his hankie! Invariably the heroine takes the hankie and wipes her eyes and feels better!

    1. Why only in old English movies ? Chivalry was very much evident in Indian movies as well when there were earmarked roles for heroes, heroines , villains and vamps–a clear distinction between good and bad .was made. But now we have only heroes turned villains and heroines turned vamps both in reel as well as real life!

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    My sympathies are with you on this. Being stranded with such neighbours is your bad luck. Most of the people are self-centered, concerned only with doing spontaneously whatever their minds and bodies urge them to do. It is the rare breed indeed who are empathetic enough to know how they impact on others and how not to ruffle other’s sensibilities. Let me tell you that these people also exist.

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