Volte Face?23/03/2012

What are your plans  for Ugadi? Asked my husband  as we were having breakfast.

Well,  what ever practice we have been following all these years to ring in our New Year, I said.

Yes, I know, just wanted to know if you have any other plans, he said.

Like what? I asked.

I thought you may want to go on a buying spree, he said.

Buying what? I asked.

I don’t have to tell you  about that because you women have a habit of buying something or the other, most  of it which is neither required nor necessary, he remarked.

No, I am not going to buy anything, I replied laying his fears at rest.

But  I am planning to surprise you by showing something, I  told him.

Aye, what’s that going to be ? he  asked   full of concern.

I can promise  you it is nothing to be alarmed about, I said  seeing his face suddenly turning red.

You can atleast  give me a clue, he  implored.

I wish to keep you in suspense till tomorrow,  I  said, in order to keep him guessing about what I  would be  showing him.

Hope  its nothing you purchased  which  costs a fortune  for which  you expect me to pay, he said  in a serious tone.

No, nothing that costs  even a penny, I  assured him.

O.K. since  you are not going to tell me, I shall  wait until tomorrow when  you too will be in for  a surprise  with the dawn of Ugadi,  he  said .

I s it going  to be a mutual volte face ?  I  wondered.


n.meera raghavendra rao  



3 thoughts on “Volte Face?23/03/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Maybe you have prepared Vyapa phoolu pachchadi (Andhra) or Bevu-bella (Karnataka), the former made with Neem flowers, raw mango and Jaggery and the latter with tender neem leaves & Jaggery and you offer it to him Or you might have prepared a greeting card with your own hand wishing your spouse a happy Ugadi. Can’t think of anything else which doesn’t cost even a penny !

  2. V Raghavan

    Veppam Poo Jaggery Pachchadi is symbolic of the bitter and sweet things that may come your way in the New Year. Maybe it is a mutual New Year resolution to stand by each other against all odds.

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