VIPs or —-14/08/2012

VIPs in India  are  a special breed  found no where else in the world. They can halt traffic, delay darshan at temples, bring life to a standstill  and more than anything  make their presence felt  where ever they choose to be, to the discomfiture of ordinary mortals like me. I have every reason to complain but do not know whom to do so.

I enjoyed  my  recent visit to Hyderabad  where I had gone to attend a family function. I could even manage  a fleeting visit to Charminar  to do some shopping amidst jostling  floating  shoppers for  the ongoing   Ramzan  season. The  cab  driver  very cleverly meandered his way to  the main road  in a jiffy  and   waded  through the  heavy traffic effortlessly   until we reached our destination, thanks  for the absence of VIPs  all through the route. But I was not so lucky  when I left to the airport in Shamshabad  though well in advance. A  couple of VIPs  chose to step out  on a Sunday afternoon  literally ‘ stepping on the toes’ of common  folks  like me  and disrupting the entire traffic which had to come to a halt for stretches of 20-25 minutes. I managed to reach the airport  almost close to the departure of my flight to Chennai  and also somersaulted  to my seat which was in wait for me to occupy, after which the doors were shut.  I think  VIPs  in  our country should be termed as  ‘very  impossible persons’.


n.meera raghavendra rao   


4 thoughts on “VIPs or —-14/08/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    There is also a super class known as VVIP. Once in a function I went and sat in a VIP seat, even though I was only an IP (important person). Why I did that was that the row in front of VIP seats was marked VVIP! When VIPs become VVIPs, IPs become VIPs!

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