Third Birthday Special – Just Li’Es

Dear visitors,

How time flies! I can’t believe  my blog is three years old  today and has carried perhaps more than 450 articles and invited  37000 plus hits and  approximately 1022 comments during this period ( I shall be happy if there are more comments on my posts). Well, I am sure you visitors are looking forward to some kind of celebration and I don’t wish to disappoint  you all because you  inspire and motivate me   to keep posting new stuff from time to time. Let me tell you this 3rd.birthday  is   going to be  celebrated  in a different way and  you must be wondering  what I have in mind.

All I can say is  it’s  going to be  a two –in –one  event. I leave you to keep guessing until then.

n.meera raghavendra rao


6 thoughts on “Third Birthday Special – Just Li’Es

    1. Thanks. The two-in -one event was a Coffee Table book brought out to commemmorate my dear father’s 100th Birthday .My brother and sis-in-law had come from Hyderabad ,a family friend came from Bge. to attend the function where all our close relatives and friends were also invited. The event went off well .

  1. sundera Gopalan

    Hearty congratulations Meera I am sure you’ll write more than than2000 articles by 2013 and we’ll have the pleasure of reading them.

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