The Week of Giving 08/10/2012

Thank God, it’s not a day but a week that is allocated to giving, remarked my friend who was particularly not known for her acts of charity.

Does it make a difference? I asked.

Yes, certainly, it does, she stated.

Well, have you been observing the week in  its  true letter and spirit? I said.

Yes, ofcourse, she asserted.

That’s  good, is all that I could  say to her.

What have you been giving and to whom have you been  giving? I asked a little hesitantly.

Well, a lot of things like  clothes, articles and food, she replied promptly.

That’s very magnanimous of you, I said quite in disbelief.

Well, I suppose so. You know I had  accumulated a lot  of  torn  saris and dresses over the years, and all  sorts of items I had no use for. I also found lot of food I had stacked in the fridge  for more than a month and I had to give that away too, she said all in one breath.

So  the week of giving really came as  a blessing to you. By the way, who were your beneficiaries?  Surely they would have been happy, I  said.

Her expression  was a give away!


n.meera raghavendra rao




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