The NRI couple! 03/03/2012

How do you like if we are taken for an NRI couple? I asked my husband  while returning from a popular book store.

I  think  it’s a hypothetical  question you are asking, he said.

Supposing it’s true, I  stated.

That means who ever thought we are, must have mistaken us for someone else, he replied.

Apparently not, I said.

If what you say is really true, you should have asked  the person what made him/her think so, he said, (his tone suggested he took me seriously for once)

I did. When I heard his answer I  felt he was joking, I said  laughing.

What  was so amusing about what he said, my husband asked  looking bemused.

If I tell you, I am sure you will not believe me, I said.

First tell me what it is and then I will say what I thought of  the man’s observation  and conclusion, he remarked.

What do you think could be the reason for his conclusion, I said wanting to know on what basis men come to such conclusions.

Oh, come on, if you ask me, for all I know the man must have been a good sales man, wanting you to purchase all those expensive books, which are priced much less compared to the shops abroad, he remarked.

No, he was not a salesman, that much I am sure, I  said.

Then  he must have been someone associated with the store in a senior capacity, he observed.

May be,  I said.

Anyway, what  was the  basis of  his conclusion?  He reminded me.

You know, I admire his keen observation of  my accessories, I said.

My husband’s eye turned to the strand of pearls  I was wearing  and to the matching bangles.

Well, I don’t think  your accessories gave him any clue to what he thought of us, he said.

You are wrong .You know he said, only NRIs wear something simple and inexpensive when they come to shop as they  have all their expensive jewellery stacked at home or safely deposited in a bank.

Surely the man must have worked as  a banker  before, quipped my husband.

n.meera raghavendra rao      


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