The mysterious sound!16/03/2012

Even as I was preparing myself  to step out, I was distracted by a drone emanating from within the house. I rushed to every nook and corner to locate its origin. Seeing me panic my husband  soon joined me  and  we together  inspected every light that was burning and  every gadget that was working. To our relief we  found everything was in order. Then it occurred to us  that  the air conditioners in the house upstairs were demanding some kind of attention and  promptly decided to alert the  occupants. The man of the house  quickly came down  to have a first hand knowledge of  what we were talking and alerting him  about. He peered his eyes and cocked up his ears at every possibility  of the sound coming from his house and  said  the culprit  lay  in the neighbour’s  bungalow. I   immediately tried to reach her on her mobile as well as her landline but found there was no response. I  felt helpless in the situation  and resigned myself  to the unpleasant and frightening sound coming from her place.

My phone  began ringing after perhaps a quarter of an hour and it was my neighbour  complaining  about the horrible sound  her neighbour’s ACs were producing!

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “The mysterious sound!16/03/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    Are you your neighbour’s neighbour in question or is it a neighbour on the other side of your neighbour’s house? I hope my question is clear!

  2. I left to the reader’s imagination to come to the obvious conclusion regarding the neighbour in question because there is no sense in my neighbour complaining to me about HER neighbour on the other
    side! Hope my answer to your question is clear!

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