The mysterious girl 18/09/2012

She was a slip of a girl, despite her plain looks she surely was  a head turner at the browsing centre, for the odd way she was dressed—long flowing lehenga with  intricate  bead work and a loose  fitting plain blouse which appeared a mismatch  to the expensive  skirt. However I noticed they had something in common in that both were dirty and smelly, so was the girl who I thought must have bathed days ago.  She   picked  up the receiver, dialed a number and waited for the response. Probably not  getting one she immediately hung the phone and waited, I wondered  why she did so. A few moments later the phone rang and  the receptionist  took the call  and  passed on the receiver to the girl  saying her father was on the line and wished to speak to her.’Does your  father know Hindi?’ he asked. She shook her head vehemently  and refused to speak on the phone. She  paid for the call, collected the balance of three rupees but still hung around enquiring the price of  all and sundry items  displayed in the centre. Realizing that her balance amount wouldn’t fetch  most of them, she settled for two chocolates in exchange  and  breezed out  the same way she entered.

Since my curiosity was aroused  I asked  the receptionist  whether the girl lived in the neighbourhood  and  he said  all that he knew about her was she came everyday  to his centre to make a phone call, dialed some number but  never spoke  on the phone!


n.meera raghavendra rao  


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