The most Beautiful lady 05/11/2012

Who do you think was the most beautiful  lady  among the guests at last night’s wedding Reception? I asked my husband  who doesn’t  hesitate to offer his candid opinion, that is if  invited to do so.

After a long silence, he  gave a monosyllabic answer.

Why do you think so? You mean to say you found none of the  ladies  dressed in gorgeous sarees and  designer blouses  beautiful? I said surprised.

Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as the cliché goes, he  murmured.

O.K. Why don’t  you say who  impressed  you?  Was his counter question as was usual with him when he wanted to evade replying.

You  might  be  astonished  if I tell you and also may not agree with my opinion. Why don’t you hazard a guess as to who impressed me the most, knowing my criteria for beauty, I challenged.

Let me think, he said.

Probably  the  lady in gray silk saree and green blouse, wearing a nose stud and a bright red  ‘kum kum’ in the middle of  her forehead  and minimum jewellery, he said.

Exactly. However you forgot to  add  something. Despite her advancing years and age related problems, she greeted everyone with a  pleasant  smile on her face which surely added to her grace. Don’t  you  think?  I  said.

I wonder why beauty is associated only with the young? he thought  aloud.

That’s  because  you  men consider it to be so, I quipped!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


One thought on “The most Beautiful lady 05/11/2012

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Your husband saw the beauty in external features like dress, minimum makeup & jewellery whereas you saw the beauty in her behaviour toward others.

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