The English Teacher?22/08/2012

How did your day go? Asked my husband  as we were having  dinner.

Well, nothing unusual, excepting that I received  more number of phone calls, I said.

Also more number of calls from your side, he teased.

Yes, just a few  to catch up with my friends after my return from Hyderabad, I said, not surprised at his tongue in cheek statement.

Anything that interests me?  He asked sounding quite indifferent.

Well, yes, a lot, I  said.

Aye, what’s that? I am sure your  female friends wished to know what you had shopped for in Hyderabad, the  movies you had seen, get to- gethers you attended and so on, he stated.

Well , yes they were all routine stuff, but there was something else which might interest you in particular, I said stressing on you.

I don’t credit your female friends to say anything that would interest an intellectual like me, he said in order to provoke me.

Unlike you seem to think, don’t forget there are other things besides academics and research which we intellectuals discuss, I said  stressing on we.

O.K. I  do agree that a few of your friends are intellectuals, he conceded. But you haven’t said what would interest me in your exchange, he repeated.

Oh, forget about that. You know when I called one of my friends, her husband came on the line and when I asked whether he could identify me he immediately  said, yes I do, you are the English teacher.

I was quite nonplussed, didn’t know what he meant, therefore asked  the reason for the epithet.

‘Because you always talk in English’ he said.

You should have told him you know other languages  too, said my husband laughing.

Don’t think I haven’t said so. Only thing is he didn’t appear convinced, I lamented.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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