The Bureaucrat and I 30/10/2012

How did your interview go with  the  bureaucrat? Asked my husband as soon as I returned  from the secretariat.

My experience was totally different, I said ..

Noticing my disappointment, he wanted to know  whether officials   stepped  a few notches higher in my  esteem or  crumbled like a pack of cards. He knew my ‘obsession’ in interviewing  the breed  who always considered themselves as a class apart.

Well, it was  quite a revelation to me, I  said.

You mean into their real nature? He smirked.

You remember I told you some time ago that I was scheduling an interview with the CS?

Yes, was he guarded or  forthcoming in his answers to your grilling? He wanted to know.

Neither, infact he  said he was not aware of the subject we were supposed to discuss.

Probably he was pretending, remarked my husband.

I don’t think so because he said he was reachable on phone any time and even gave his phone number when I met him at a meeting. So I tried to call him to remind him of the topic of our interview but his secretary said he was not available.

Did you tell him that? he asked.

Yes, but you know what he said, ‘madam, have you known any CS coming to the phone ?’ the conceited man that he was!

Did you tell him what you thought of him, said my husband  full of anxiety.

No, don’t worry. I promptly replied, ‘yes’ and mentioned his predecessor’s name.

Aye, what was his reaction? He asked cocking up his ears.

He looked at his watch and said the time allocated for the ‘interview’ was over!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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