Surprise or Shock? 26/03/2012

Have you forgotten that you  had promised to show something that would surprise me? Said my husband.

Oh, yes, I do remember having said that and you in turn wished to surprise me too with  the dawn of Ugadi, I  reminded.

First, you show me  because the idea was yours, he  wanted to appear very chivalrous.

You know, I thought  it was the privilege  of  only politicians  to turn a volte face for selfish ends, I observed.

Why only politicians? You could include several  other categories of people because after all they are all human, observed my husband.

Probably you are right and thanks for enlightening me, I  said  realizing how naïve I was  in such  ‘important’ matters.

Any way, who turned a volte face ? asked  he.

Come and see, I said.

Oh, my! where has this come from? Screamed my husband,  shocked at seeing the pet  dog   of  our  neighbour sitting comfortably under the Christmas tree in our compound.

Have you noticed  the silver chain around his neck? I  said.

That’s what made me recognize the fellow, he spluttered.

Is  this creature going to make our house its home? He thundered.

Now, let me know what surprise you have in store for me, I said without replying.

Just then I  heard a cat mewing  and  when it came into my view, the white and brown cat appeared familiar to me.

That’s  the  surprise I had planned  for you,  announced my husband.

My God! has this pet of our neighbour  too turned a volte face? I  gasped.

Perhaps the pets preferred to be loyal to each other than to their owners.   Quipped  my husband.

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Surprise or Shock? 26/03/2012

  1. B. Ramesh Rau

    Why are so many people scared of pets, especially Digs. I dontr really care for cats- a Cousin of mine had 21 cats- at one time. I once stayed the night at hiis house and woke up in the middle of the night to see a Cat sitting on my Razai mewing plaintively.I know thats going too far but now they are down to one cat and five Dogs. The Dogs can be classified as a Fatso the Sumo Wrestler, Langda, a Biter, and two others I didnt have time to classify!.
    Though I love Dogs and all kinds of animals – even snakes- I stopped going to his house! ( Meera you know these people – Vasu and Vidya)
    I have always had a Dog in my house – the present one is 15 years old who can chant the OM! I had a parrot too.
    As the gent said any one who has a pet will not suffer from High BP and heart trouble etc. Dogs are used to cheer up sick people in Hospitals as well as in Old Peoples Homes
    Handicapped children who havent communicated for ages will open up when they see a pet animal like a bird or a dog. The Dogs too are very gentle withe the above metioned.

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