Sidelights of events over the past fortnight 19/06/2012

budding authors?

Mr.Bond, you are 78 years old and how is that you make your stories interesting for children? ran the question during interaction with Ruskin Bond after he completed reading out from his latest book of poems.

Another went like this, Mr.Bond, Like you I also write stories in my exercise book  and  must say my hand writing has improved now. I want to know how to publish them.

The third  asked, Are the characters in your stories real?

As the audience were  enjoying the  spontaneity with which children were asking the author questions, one from the audience literally  stood out though all for the wrong reasons as we couldn’t make out whether it was a statement he was making or a question he was asking. But Bond  retained his cool and sense of humour throughout  the event.

At the launch of  3 E’S OF TRAVEL.

There was a  pleasant surprise . The mike was at its best behavior, without emanating any squeaking sounds as is common in a meeting whether it takes place in five star hotels or in reputed halls. The unpleasant part was a couple of mobiles were buzzing  and  promptly their owners were speaking into them unmindful of  the impression they were  creating among the gathering.

At  MMA Meetings

My husband and I prefer to sit in the first row  at the meetings expecting  that we wouldn’t be distracted by the ringing of mobiles or the snoring of members present. But it was not to be. The man sitting next to me was all the  time talking on his mobile as the meeting was in progress and ignored my request to either switch it off or talk outside the venue. When his neighbour on the other side gently suggested  to put the blessed instrument off, he did but was continuously engaged in sending smses. I could  see  the helplessness on the faces of office bearers  at his act and only later came to know the reason for it. The man was a high official in the Government !

n.meera raghavendra rao 


4 thoughts on “Sidelights of events over the past fortnight 19/06/2012

  1. Professor V Raghavan

    I sent a copy of this latest book of Ruskin Bond to my grand daughter Aditi. She later told me over the phone that she likes the poems. It seems that some of RB’s writings are prescribed in the school.

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