Shifting priorities? 06/03/2012

There was this picture of a pretty lady in one of the newspapers I read  where she is seen  walking her dog and underneath was the caption ‘DOG’S LIFE? When I read on I  came to know a lot of things about a dog’s life—for instance  how many hours of cuddles  the pets get from their owners, the number of bowls of  water these canines drink and  how the lucky ones will have  25 all –expenses paid holidays –seven in ten getting two a year. These are the statistics drawn from a survey  conducted  in Britain.

I  feel there is not a day far of  when a similar survey is conducted  to find out  how many in our country own pet dogs and  the time spent in pampering  them and  preferring to ‘talk’   to them  instead of with fellow human beings. I have already noticed the   trend  amongst pet owners in Chennai  whose priorities are visibly changing, especially  amongst the cynical ones who believe ‘all is right about themselves and their pets  and everything is wrong with the world of humans.’


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Shifting priorities? 06/03/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    Once a huge dog jumped on my grand daughter who was just a few years old. The owners explained that the dog is just trying to be friendly. How scared the child was, appeared to them of no consequence.

    1. I agree with you as I had a similar experience when a friend of mine came to meet me in Bangalore along with her one year old daughter .My hostess’s dog got excited at the sight of the child in the mother’s arms and started barking continuously , its face pointing to the little one. When the frightened child started crying , the dog sprang on the pair showing no inclination to obey its owner who was trying to wean him away from them.My friend ran for her life with the crying baby in arms and bolted herself in the wash room nearby. The pet owner said with a smile, you know since my dog hadn’t seen a baby so far , its sight must have aroused its curiosity!

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