Senior’s Day 03/10/2012

I  was quite surprised to know that there is a  Senior’s Day amidst  all the other days meant more for youngsters. Invariably  the talks and discussions revolve  around  how charity begins at home  which means care of the elderly should b taken by the family, sons and daughters of the couple. Well it sounds perfect in theory  but  there is a dichotomy between theory and practice  which is the hitch. Sons may have good intentions  and wish to take care of their parents in their old age but prove helpless if their wives do not

co operate. Like wise it is with the daughters  if their husbands don’t lend a helping hand. There are constraints of space no doubt  with the present  Apartment culture  which has lead  to nuclear families where  parents/inlaws cannot be accommodated. Another constraint perhaps  is   the reluctance of  seniors themselves to relocate  if they happen to live in another town or city (having lived there all their life).

What  is the solution I wonder especially with increasing longevity  among our population?


n.meera raghavendra rao


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