Selective memory? 24/04/2012

Have you forgotten that day before yesterday was the ‘Earth Day’ which was celebrated all over the world, said my husband while we were on our morning walk.

You should have reminded  me the same day, I  said annoyed.

Well, I too had forgotten,  he said  feeling  guilty.

Any way, it wouldn’t have made any difference either way, he added.

It  certainly  would have made a difference, I  asserted.

Would you have  joined the crusaders who went on a nature walk to mark the day? he asked.

I might have, I said a little hesitantly.

You can always make  up  by walking to the vegetable market and buying some stuff.  It will serve a double purpose besides you can also save on  the auto fare, he suggested.

Not a bad idea, I agreed.

By the way, you seem to have forgotten something else equally significant, he reminded.

What’s that now? I asked  even as I was  cursing my bad memory.

I never expected  a person like you  to miss  the ‘Book Day’, he said (it sounded more like an accusation).

You mean to say even the Book Day is over? I asked surprised.

Yes, it was over yesterday, he informed.

You must thank my forgetfulness for not making you spend on new arrivals,I said expecting him to look relieved.

Is there anything else that I have missed ? I asked.

Nothing  that I can think of,  he replied matter of factly.

Now you seem to have forgotten  something very very significant, an important day in the Hindu calendar which we make it a point to observe year after year, I  said.

What is it? he asked and before I could remind him, he went far ahead of me.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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