Pongal celebrations for whom? 19/01/2012

Happy Pongal to you, greeted my friend on the phone. What are your plans for the day? She asked.

Well, I shall be busy right through the day, I said.

Busy with what? I am sure you will be preparing a festive lunch as you normally do, she said.

Yes, certainly –sweet and ven pongal, besides amavade and  kootu comprising sweet potato, sweet pumpkin, broad beans etc. and of course  rice and rasam, I  elaborated.

How very tempting, I feel like inviting myself for lunch, she enthused.

Most welcome, why don’t you come along? I  said.

Are you having any guests for lunch? She asked a little hesitantly.

None, I assured her.

By the way, would you mind bringing your maid along with you? I  said.

What for? she asked surprised.

Just to do the dishes, I  told her .

I would have brought her along only if she hadn’t taken leave for two days for the festival, she  informed.

You are lucky, my maid has taken off for four days, I  said.

Aye, forget about preparing the festive  lunch, let’s go to some hotel  and save ourselves the trouble of standing in for our maids, she suggested.

Not a bad idea at all, I said all excited.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Pongal celebrations for whom? 19/01/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    My maid bunked as well, but luckily my cook turned up for an hour in the morning. It is just coincidence that she made the first three dishes in your list: sweet pongal, ven pongal and ama vadai. Later in the evening a friend brought some nice Obbatu. Pity all those souls that had to eat at the hotel on Pongal day!
    (The dishes waited for the maid to turn up next day!).

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