Oh, that Body language! 24/12/2012

If you  wish to know as what constitutes  Body language, you don’t need to read  any of the best sellers on communication skills or Personality  development. You can have a live demonstration of it during the music season in Chennai  and that too for free!  All that you have to do is go through the day’s  music programme  in the newspaper and choose  to attend one at random and we did exactly that.

The  mini hall  was almost full  and we managed to find two corner seats in the aisle somewhere in the sixth row. Just then the lady  singer  was concluding her performance  and after a short break,  the male singer took over and what a ‘performance’ it had been ! He  had a way of  compulsorily focusing  the audiences’ attention more to his face and body language than to their auditory senses.  For someone as slightly built as he is, his voice was extremely powerful  though not matched by  melody (probably female singers have an edge in this aspect). From the word GO, his hands were engaged  in all sorts of acrobatics, gymnastics and aerobics. We witnessed stretches, pull ups, tug of wars with some  abhinaya thrown in interspersed with ‘besh, besh’ as a gesture of  appreciation for the  accompanists. We didn’t know whether his compliments were meant for  instrumentalists or the audience because  he said it with a ‘straight face’( literally and figuratively).

Even as we were  feeling happy and settled in our corner seats, two hefty ladies requested us to move over to the vacant seats next to us and we obliged them more out of courtesy and I realized what folly it had been when we decided  to leave before the performance ended as we  had to forcefully  squeeze ourselves to emerge through the little gap left between them and the seats in front. The price we had to pay for lack of a reciprocal  gesture!

n.meera raghavendra rao 


5 thoughts on “Oh, that Body language! 24/12/2012

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    The acrobatics of that male carnatic singer will surely pale before the acrobatics of a Hindusthani vocalist whose hand gestures will outdo and surpass even that of a symphony conductor !

  2. V Raghavan

    Facial contortions go on merrily during the concert. One male singer (excellent in his singing) will look like he is weeping and the next minute he will be laughing. One female singer has such a wide mouth that the tips of her mouth virtually reach her ears! Several years ago, while listening to this lady, I commented to Nirupama that she sings extremely well, but I can’t stand her facial contortions. N shot back:: “Close your eyes and listen”!!:

    1. I remember one veteran musician saying carnatic musicians are not attractive and their facial contours during performance makes it worse for the audience to watch.But now we find very good looking lady musicians and handsome male ones but body language remains the same ,perhaps to show their involvement and passion for the art.

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