Never too late to Learn 10/09/2012

Who ever  coined this proverb/ saying  should be congratulated, firstly because the person  apparently didn’t   believe in growing old mentally and for all I know must have  practiced  his own dictum and most importantly was not an Indian! I  say so because  we love to talk or discuss about one’s age  and retirement, which means  being inactive the rest of one’s life. Journalists are known  to ask celebrities  the inevitable question (they seem more concerned about Sachin’s retirement than the player himself).

The other day  at a religious discourse being conducted at  a relative’s residence, I  noticed a little girl, hardly three prancing in her silk lehanga and choli spontaneously  greeting  every one with  ‘hello aunty/ ajji/ uncle/thatha’. She  appeared to decide  for herself  the suffix  she was using for her greeting  at which   we were all amused. This pleasant gesture of hers made me wonder how many of us  return or acknowledge if  someone smiles  at us just  because  either we  do not know them  or that we were not  introduced to them! At the same time we admire Americans who spontaneously  greet even a  total stranger  irrespective  of  where  the person  happens to  meet  him/her, be it  on the road, supermarket  or an elevator!


n.meera raghavendra rao          


One thought on “Never too late to Learn 10/09/2012

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    You are right. There is so much to learn from children — their spontaneity, impromptu uttering, authenticity & trust. Some adults perhaps think “Why smile at strangers and waste my energy ? What will I gain from it ? Let me conserve it for more important people to ingratiate myself into their good books”

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