My ‘Repair’ shop 03/09/2012

You appear to be deep in thought, said my husband as he noticed me nibbling at my food.

Well yes, planning my future course of action, I said.

That’s news to me. Hope it  has nothing to do with me, he appeared concerned.

No, I can assure you of that, I said.

Are you  contemplating to do something new? He asked.

Yes, sort of, I said. Open a shop, I added.

You opening a shop? he let out a loud guffaw reverberating the air.

Why not? aren’t there so many women who have started one ? I  said.

But  don’t you think it needs a lot of enterprise not to speak of  investing  a  lot of money, he reminded.

What makes you think I don’t have the former?I  retorted.

May be you have, but what about the investment? By the way what kind of shop you have in mind? he asked sounding very  serious.

Ah, now you know I am serious, I said happy at his query.

Hope you are not into catering like what you had planned to start a few years ago which hasn’t taken off, he laughed.

No, something totally different, I said.

O.K.What is it going to be, he asked.

You have heard of  repair shops springing all over the city, haven’t you?       I said.

You mean  garages for repair of cars, two wheelers and other vehicles, he said.

Exactly, and  we also have shops to repair bags, suitcases, furniture, electronic goods and so on, I informed.

Probably you are right, he replied.

Have you heard of  any shop which repairs badly stitched clothes, especially women’s blouses? I asked.

Since it’s not my area, I can’t claim any knowledge of this, he said.

Thank God for admitting your ignorance, I said. I am planning to open a small shop  exclusively for repairing badly stitched blouses made by callous tailors and I have no doubt it will  turn into a flourishing business in no time, I  assured him.

Now I know why you seem to spend more time at your ‘repair work’ he quipped.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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