My ‘Large’ Family 02/04/2012

Were  you a victim  of April Fool’s Day?  asked my husband  as were  taking a walk around the park this morning.

No, not really because I was well on my guard, I said.

That  was really wise of you. But sometimes  pranksters prove smarter  and you are taken unawares, he observed.

Quite true, a few did try but failed, I said with pride.

Did you fool anyone as  you revel  in it year after year, he said in his usual  mischievous tone.

Oh, yes, quite a few of my friends did fall into my ‘fooling trap’ I said recollecting the previous day’s events.

I am sure  you enjoyed their discomfiture, he said laughing.

Oh, yes, I did  and was amused  at their reaction which  also was a revelation to me, I said.

What revelation are you talking about? I thought your friends knew you inside out and vice versa, he said tongue in cheek.

Yes, even I thought so but realized they too can be taken for a ride, sometimes, I said  with a sense of triumph.

That’s  interesting. Did you pull a fast one on them? He said  suddenly slowing down his pace which meant he expected me to relate my experience in detail.

You know, I told my friend who is totally involved in her club’s activities that I  had decided to accept an invitation from her president  to join the Ladies club.

Did she believe you?  he asked  surprised.

Yes, without a doubt because she was trying to dissuade me, I  replied.

Again, there were these writer friends of mine who took my invitation to dinner seriously and wished to know the occasion for hosting it, I said.

What did you say? He asked  sounding concerned.

The way I invited  them I knew they would land at our place and  therefore reminded them to check the date!

Thank God ? he said relieved.

But wait,  I must tell you  ‘ the piece de resistance’ of my prank, I said  recalling the expression on the face of the lady I was introduced to by a common friend at a meeting I attended.

Aye, what’s that ? I am sure you would have said  something  that would have shocked her beyond human comprehension, he observed.

Well, it all depends on the receiver, I remarked.

O.K.What did you say? He asked impatiently.

You know,  after a time conversation turns to asking the inevitable questions, about marriage and children. So I told her I was married and had a large family of five children and a few grand children.

The reaction was not totally unexpected, you see, I said.

She composed herself  in a minute and wished to know what  my children were all doing.

I  informed her about their names: Madras Mosaic, Feature Writing, Thematic show case, justlies,  and  LNR.

Who are your grandchildren that I don’t know of, asked my husband amused at what I said.

Well, the additions of the first two, I said smiling.

My husband let out a loud guffaw  forgetting that we were  in a public place!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “My ‘Large’ Family 02/04/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    As soon as I got up at 5 am on AFD, I fired my salvo at Meera Sis making sure I am the first to greet her. Pat came the reply that I cannot catch her off guard. Later in the day, she pulled it off on me. I shot back saying that she is now trying to catch me off guard. However, the last line of my reply gave me away. I was dying to know who they were all that she was referring to!

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Good one. Bringing up children and making them honest citizens of our country needs a lot of patience, back-breaking effort & creativity. So does the art of creative writing in different formats and the resulting end-products are like our children and as close to our hearts as our children could be.

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