My husband turns Event Manager 06/01/2012

What did you think of the party I threw  to ring in the New Year?  asked my husband who had  insisted on  organizing the event  all by himself.

Noticing me smirk, he appeared offended.

Don’t you think this was the best New Year party we’ve had? I am sure you agree, he said with an air of pride.

Shall I give my frank opinion? I said.

Certainly. It can’t be anything but complimentary, he  affirmed.

How can you be so sure ? I said.

That’s because I am a good event manager, he  stated.

Yes, you certainly are a self styled Event Manager in theory but there is a lot of difference between theory and practice, I  said.

Now, you are being very prejudiced. Haven’t I  decided on the menu, the guest list, the table arrangement, which are all very important? he  said.

Yes, they are, but there is something else that is more important, I said.

What’s that? he asked with a raised  eyebrow.

Communication, I said.

What do you mean by communication? I  personally invited  all my friends for the party, He asserted.

Was your invitation sent through an e mail or your mobile? I asked.

Mobile ofcourse, he said not knowing  why I was asking him such an elementary question.

Could you  get all   the people you invited to take your call? I asked.

He thought for a while and said, Not all, because some lines were engaged ,and some seemed to have switched off their mobiles.

The bane of  technology, I  lamented. No wonder  more than  a dozen people didn’t turn up for the party, due to lack of communication, I said.

But  a good number did turn up ,haven’t they?

Well, yes, but I believe in ‘more the merrier’ as the saying goes. Then we would have had a wider spread for the Pot Luck Party ‘You’ organized, I quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “My husband turns Event Manager 06/01/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    God bless the person who invented the “Potluck” dinners/parties. The host is freed from all the anxieties & stress of having to prepare multiple dishes. The host has to only think about party games like bingo or passing the parcel or tailing the donkey blindfolded or whatever. Easy on the purse too.

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