My concept of Valentine Day 17/02/2012

Did you have a romantic evening  to celebrate Valentine Day?  Asked my friend  even as she went into raptures about the diamond necklace her husband had presented her to mark his deepest love for her.

Well, not particularly, I said.

What’s happening to you meera? You sound like a flat tyre. Her tone appeared more like an accusation.

To be honest, Priya, I don’t believe  in this expression of ‘love on one day’ by your spouse and   receiving expensive  gifts , I said.

You have been  just the same  ever since I have known you, she stated  with finality.

Perhaps a flat character in a very positive sense, you may add, I said.

You and your reference to flat and round characters, typical of you, she observed.

By the way, how did you spend such an important Day? She said sounding curious.

In the most gratifying manner, I said.

You sound very pleased with yourself. I am longing to hear all about it,  she said, and I could sense her impatience.

Well, we spent  the whole day meeting different set of people at the two events  we happened to attend on that day, I said.

That’s nothing unusual, she remarked.

Wait, don’t you want to know my concept of V-DAY?

I am waiting, she said.

The morning started in an unusual manner when I went for my walk. I  came across an elderly gentleman carrying a small child, apparently his grand daughter. The child greeted me with a broad smile and stretched both her arms towards me and when I  picked her up she appeared so happy that she refused to go back to her grandfather. It required a lot of coaxing to make her part with me. A true example of unconditional love!

Then again at the first event, a Get together everyone (known and unknown) present greeted us either with a hand shake or a hug as a mark of their love  for us.

We  attended a birthday party of an year old boy that evening and that’s where we experienced  genuine warmth that comes from the bottom of  a person’s  heart. An elderly  lady, the child’s grandmother  (not the sophisticated type according to present day standards) rushed towards us, greeted with folded hands in a namasthe and thanked us profusely for gracing the occasion and  blessed us whole heartedly.Time appeared to stand still for the people around us  watching the scene! She pleaded with us not to leave  without having dinner.

n.meera raghavendra rao   


3 thoughts on “My concept of Valentine Day 17/02/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    A beautiful interpretation of Valentine’s Day — the unsuspecting love of a child, reaching out to strangers with no strings attached and the warm affection of the elderly — these kinds of love being so different from the “What’s in it for me” kind of conditional love of some people who expect their lovers or spouses to give them gifts.

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