Missing watching TV? 23/11/2012

When our TV conked off I  thought  it was the end of the world as I would  be missing all  the lively interaction between   Arnab Goswami  and the panelists on current and sensitive issues.  So would I  miss the  discussions taking place on other news channels conducted  by their more sedate and less aggressive  anchors  but  at the end of  a week with no watching  of  TV rather by compulsion  than choice, I was left  with a mixed feeling. In the  beginning I cursed the TV technician for not turning  up to set the  IB right for I  missed  watching  breaking news and the visuals  shown  on different news channels relating to the events.

Now I  have gone back  to the printed word in right earnest  going through different newspapers in detail at my own convenience and time and also catching up on my reading.


n.meera raghavendra rao  


One thought on “Missing watching TV? 23/11/2012

  1. mangala kandur

    i wish i would have this experience.because of the tv i am not getting time to read the books i bought when ever i go to book club.

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