Meeting and ‘Amma’? 29/05/2012

The mango season is back with a bang and so are the mango pluckers going around with their paraphernalia eyeing  mango trees for the crop they are yielding  which means  another day of earning their (mango pluckers) living.

So I was not surprised to see  the familiar  face of  the  mango plucker making an  appearance one early morning to go about his job and creating a ‘job’ subsequently for  us, which  meant making the  environment conducive for   turning  the raw mangoes into ripe ones (making room for this is no joke with space constraint).

The mango plucker and his helper finished  downing  the crop with utmost dexterity in less than an hour transferring  the same  to the corner  reserved  for it in our house. As he was taking leave after collecting his booty, he scrutinized me from top to bottom and appearing  surprised  said, ‘amma, you seem to be all set to go out, is ‘ayya’ also coming with you?’. I  shook my head saying it was only I who had to attend a meeting. His reaction was one of shock and disbelief and I didn’t  know  how to react to his next words, ‘amma, are YOU  going to a meeting?’


n.meera raghavendra rao  


4 thoughts on “Meeting and ‘Amma’? 29/05/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    Poor chap, he hasn’t heard of things like Househusbands! We have still a long way to go towards “equality” in this country!

    1. Not exactly so in this case .The man never expected a home maker like me, to be attending a meeting .He probably was under the impression only women working outside their homes (those who have nine to five jobs) have meetings to attend!

  2. Ramesh rau

    I a quite sure Raghu, Meeras “Better Half” is definetly not a house husband and I am sure he has his wifes permission to say so. Sorry Raghu but you are a very nice chap!

  3. Ramesh rau

    WE have a similar problem with the Bnana trees which keep producing hundreds fruits.The first time e gave all our neighbours but when it started to produce like Rabbits brood we had call an Emergency meeting and so on. We had to lug the whole caboodle to a chap in R K Mutt Road who saw “Bakhra” (sor of a lamb to the slaughter) in my wife paid her small money instead of what she was expecting.
    The trees sometimes fell down and this created a ” whie ant Termite attck on our window and then into our cupboards and so on. We had to spend thousands to get rid of the Termites and pay a fellw to cut down the trees. Te trees have started growing again so does any one have a Quickfix for this?

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