Me and My Mobile 29/08/2012

What is your mobile number? is a question  invariably asked when you meet someone for the first time because exchanging of visiting cards has become obsolete and I must confess I belong to the ‘obsolete ’tribe. Whenever I dig into my handbag and fish out my card, the expression  of the person I am introduced to tells what he/ she thinks of me, no words are required to do so. In order to  keep pace with the fast strides in technology, I got myself a mobile paying quite a fortune, atleast according to me. The next thing was to learn a few operations which are most important for mobile users like keeping it in a silent mode and reviving it once you exit from the venue of a meeting or a conference you happen to attend. My niece was sweet enough to teach me the basics which I faithfully noted down in a small  diary of mine. However  I was reluctant to make the ‘little nuisance’ accompany me where ever I went but I had to  give my principle a go by recently when I had gone to attend a memorial lecture by a prominent journalist.

I   literally  jerked in my seat when I heard the mobile ringing and quickly pulled it out of my handbag and switched it off  with utmost alacrity. Fortunately the meeting was yet to begin. I tried to put it in silent mode but just didn’t know how to go about it. I passed on the little nuisance to a few  people sitting nearby, one of them  a former bureaucrat and another  a lady Professor, both incidentally  my good friends. I noticed they were only fiddling with it, not having succeeded in their attempt and I heard the man remark, ‘it can’t be kept silent because the mobile belongs to a lady!’

I thanked my stars when my mobile behaved itself throughout the duration of the meeting .

You guessed it right, I had forgotten to place my little diary in the hand bag I carried.

n.meera raghavendra rao  


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