Marriage muhurtam or Reception 10/11/2012

I  prefer to attend  the muhurtam of a wedding rather than the Reception for various reasons. I do agree that  the event  in the evening is more colourful with the  young couple  looking their best, the bride bedecked in the choicest jewelery  matched with  a  zardozi   saree and wearing a plastic smile throughout. You can also  catch up with your long lost relatives, friends and acquaintances. In addition you  can  pick and choose  from the buffet  that is laid out  and  unobtrusively  take a peep into the spread  before you actually go for it. But  let me warn you if you wish to carry on a conversation, try to avoid picking up a naan or roti  because you find them so rubbery that you are prevented from uttering a word as your mouth will be  otherwise occupied!

Traditional food  served  on a banana leaf  after the muhurtam(sometimes even before the couple tie the knot)  is more attractive  especially to people like me. For instance, since ‘naans’ and ‘rotis’ don’t constitute an  inevitable  part of the menu  and  the spicy side dishes that go with them, you find these unfriendly items spare  not only your teeth but your stomach as well. Also  there is no risk of  the gravy in mutter paneer or chole   splashing  on your  expensive saree / trousers/ shirts as it happens  when people are standing (with hardly any gap between them) and  eating.


n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “Marriage muhurtam or Reception 10/11/2012

  1. mangala kandur

    i like it..there is 100%truth in it.except the buffet i like to attend reception.
    because we meet friends and talk and enjoy the evening.

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