Makes two of you 22/01/2012

I came across a young lady  on my way to the bank, said my husband.

That’s not news to me because you come across  a lot of them on your daily beat, I  said.

Probably a little put out by my casual response, he  repeated, this time  stressing on the ‘young lady’

Did you run into her or actually met her? I asked.

Neither, she stopped me as I was rushing to the bank to be the first in the queue, he said.

Did you get delayed because of this young lady? I asked.

Well, just by a few minutes, he said sounding indifferent.

Why did  this young lady stop you? Was she your student in one of the business schools you were associated with, I  said.

Not that I could remember, he replied.

I can’t understand why she stopped you. I said still wondering what she could have wanted from him.

You know, she wanted some information, he said after a long silence.

Information regarding what? That too from someone far from her age, I  said laughing.

Well, what she asked reminded  me of you when we were newly married and you had gone  shopping all by yourself  and  had to return home alone, he said trying to suppress his smile.

What has that got to do with this young lady? I asked puzzled.

Remember you  had lost your way and asked some passerby the way to your own home? He  said  stressing  on the last two words.

I still don’t see the comparison, I said all confused.

You know this young lady asked me the way to a particular Bank and when I told her, thanking me she said she had been going in circles for the past half an hour to locate the Bank she had joined just the previous day. Now  doesn’t  that make ‘Two of You?’ he teased.


n.meera raghavendra rao


6 thoughts on “Makes two of you 22/01/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    Mutual teasing is a trait of a newly-married couple. The fact that your hubby teased you shows he is getting younger. That is why he is looking at young women on the road. This happens. Spread your net far and wide to keep him inside!!

    1. It’s the other way round in his case. Youngsters irrespective of their gender seek his guidance on academics and research pursuits.They also seek his counsel regarding their personal problems. When I ask him why even strangers button hole him he says probably it has something to do with his ‘scholarly’ look.

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    This has happened to me a couple of times. As a management trainer & consultant I would be put up in the guest house of the company which has called me. If it is for the first time, I wouldn’t be knowing the geography of the place. Early morning I would venture out for my constitutional, walk briskly on the roads, bye lanes and alleys timing myself. As soon as the watch says 1/2 hour I would decide to return to the guest house, so that I would have a complete hour’s workout (After ablutions, bath & breakfast I would be picked up in a car and taken to the venue of the programme). But then to my shocking surprise, I would have not kept in my memory all those turns I had taken earlier and feel lost. I had to ask several people. Most will not know the location of my place, but luckily one or two ( like your hubby) will know and hence I was saved !

  3. We had a terrible experience when we went in search of some veg. food in Brussels while on a tour of Europe.Neither my husband nor I could remember the address of the hotel we were put up in and to make matters worse Belgians did not understand English!

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