Losing Battle?24/09/2012

I was being attacked from all sides and there was no place to hide with the army closely following my every move and step. I  was caught all alone to fight the battle ,with  the  enemy gradually closing in on me. I was under the impression our house was well protected  with all the doors and windows netted which cost me a fortune but  my enemy outsmarted me. It  didn’t prevent  the  entry of   the intruders  but  it only prevented  entry of natural light into the house with the result I had to keep lights burning even during the day.  I even tried to  demolish  the army using poisonous   sprays which promised instant action but they  had no effect. On the other hand my enemies were attacking me  with greater vengeance and I felt  I was taking a powerful injection from  a medico on a probation.

Should  I give up  my battle  and accept defeat? the thought appeared  too  disturbing for an optimist like me. I  must plan my next strategy to exterminate the enemy, I decided rising  once again like a phoenix..


n.meera raghavendra rao


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