Is a smile enough? 02/05/2012

With the summer rush and non availability of tickets for a train journey, we had to necessarily take a flight toHyderabada few days ago. Among the various options prevailing in the present conditions  where popular airlines are canceling their flights,  Indigo  airlines appeared to be the best bet. My husband and I were happy that the flight landed a few minutes before time  at the Rajiv Gandhi airport.

On our  return journey a few days later, while waiting to board the flight, I tried to get a cup of tea  but learnt only  coffee was available which was surprising, as Hyderabadis are tea drinkers. The first thing I did after boarding the flight was to look through the menu card kept in the front seat pocket and I was happy to find masala chai  was included in it. On learning only coffee was available, my husband  had ordered for one cup, (which cost rs.6o/) paying  rs.110/ as he had no change, expecting the airhostess  to return the balance of rs.50/. She came back with the coffee in a few minutes but  made no attempt to return the change though she passed by us half a dozen times.When he reminded her, she went on repeating ‘no change, no change’ flanking a smile  and we realized she had no intention of  returning the amount. Just as the time for landing was approaching,  her colleague who was watching  what was going on, stopped in the aisle near our seats and  returned the amount.

While disembarking I found the errant air hostess  turning her head away to avoid  facing us. So much  for  courtesy and honesty in the skies!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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