How I came to ‘acquire’ new saris? 05/07/2012

Mention  shopping ,and you can motivate the laziest of women to readily agree  to join you in your shopping spree, more so if it is shopping for saris. The  smart ones will readily accompany you and enjoy the sight of  the sales man displaying a variety of  saris for you to choose from. They might even induce you to pick up the more expensive ones  saying  they will enhance your personality and you fall prey  to their  flattery. I always  took pride of the fact that I am neither a compulsive shopper for saris  nor do I make  my friends/ relatives’ purses lighter when I happen to accompany them  while shopping. But I never realized  I  would  be in the shoes of compulsive shoppers one day  and that my elderly maid  would have   an indirect role to play! It  started  when  I engaged  my old  maid who has relocated herself in Chennai after a gap of nearly five years. Considering  her limitations due to her advancing  years, I  decided  to spare her  from washing  clothes and  use my washing machine more often for the purpose. Ofcourse I have nothing to complain as it  is filling the bill  but at the same time  making my bill for saris escalate as the latter are becoming more and more unrecognizable day by day!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “How I came to ‘acquire’ new saris? 05/07/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    So the story is : Your maid is old –> You have exempted her from washing sarees –> You use the washing machine instead –> Sarees get worn out quickly –> You have to replace them by buying sarees more frequently than earlier. Is that it ?

    Good for the arthritic joints of your maid. Good to hear about your generosity. Good for the economy. Good for a laugh.

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