Friendship week 16/10/2012

How shall we celebrate ‘Friendship week’? I asked my husband.

Do we really have to ? was his counter question  as was usual with him.

Why not? Don’t you think it’s a good opportunity to let  our friends know how much we really care for their friendship, I said.

O.K. Have your way, he conceded though a little reluctantly.

Ah, that’s the spirit and I appreciate  you   for it. You really made my job easy as I was wondering  with whom I should begin my list, I said.

I shall  reel out  the names of all my friends  and just tell me if I leave out any names at the end of it, I  said.

Don’t you think  you will be hurting the sentiments of   many of your friends if you follow a sequential order, suggested my husband.

Oh, yes, I  didn’t think about it, the scatterbrained that I am. Shall I follow an alphabetical  order? I said.

No, that will also be a give away, he stated.

Then what shall I do ? I  said feeling at a loss.

Why don’t you allow me to form the list, the way I wish to go about it, he offered.

O.K. please go ahead, I said  quite relieved. But are you sure you know who all my friends are, I asked as an after thought.

Ofcourse, I do, he asserted.

Listen carefully  without interrupting, he warned  and I felt like a school girl in front of a strict teacher, only the cane was missing.

Ms. Beauty Queen, Ms. Chatterbox, Ms. Snob, Ms. Envy,  Ms. Gossip, Ms. Patience, Ms. Grouse, Ms. Hurry—-

Aye stop, I  screamed. What a sordid  way to describe my friends placing them in  slots far from complimentary. By the way how would you describe the person on top of the list? I  asked.

Perfect Gentleman, he said  tongue in cheek!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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