Driving Mad! 21/03/2012

What is the latest news?  Asked my husband as soon as I came back from my walk.

Do you expect me to keep updating you  every minute? I retorted  quite annoyed at his sarcastic tone.

Why pounce on me? Has something upset you?  He sounded concerned.

No, not me, but someone else we know, I said.

He laid  aside  the newspaper  he was reading and said he was ready to listen to my latest ‘story.’

Do you remember our friends  who said  they were dispensing with all their house hold staff  because they proved  to be smarter than them? I  said.

You mean  the ones   who always boasted of their high connections?

I am glad  you have a very good memory, I  said.

Well, what happened?

The expected  ofcourse, I  replied.

What they expected  or you expected? He  wanted to know.

Perhaps, both.

Why don’t you tell me in a nut shell  instead of keeping me waiting, he sounded  impatient and I knew  he was in a hurry to get back to reading the newspaper.

Do you think  it  is  possible to replace the cook ,domestic help and the driver with gadgets? I  asked.

May be, the cook and the maid for the facilities that are available like the catering joints,  dish washers, vacuum cleaners and the like but unfortunately cars cannot run  automatically, he said.

That’s the point ,and there lies the biggest problem, I said.

But I thought  our friends knew to drive and  decided never to engage a driver the rest of their life, reminded my husband.

Well ,that’s true because they continue to drive though not their flashy cars but  each other MAD, I  quipped.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


5 thoughts on “Driving Mad! 21/03/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    In the absence of domestic help, after doing all the chores of the house by yourself, you feel physically exhausted and enervated. Instead of appreciation if you get a caustic remark from the spouse, it can be perceived as an insult and trigger an overreaction. Hence instead of driving their cars they understandably drive each other mad !

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    That was funny. Indeed potholes, lack of lane discipline, rash driving, cattle on the roads (brake inspectors) & Jaywalkers are the bane of disciplined drivers and do affect their cardiac health.

  3. You have forgotten to include one very important risk factor on your ‘bane ‘list –rash driving while talking on their mobiles! Like smoking it is more harmful to people around .

  4. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    You are absolutely right. It is humanly impossible to do multi-tasking and same time devote equal attention to all the tasks you are doing simultaneously. But many people think they are superhuman and the victim is the innocent person on the footpath or other drivers..

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