Disparate events with common thread 15/02/2012

The  New year started with a bang  with  an array of disparate events taking place not only in Chennai but in the neighbouring States where we happened to be present  to  attend  a few  we were invited to. On the literary front were the book launches and  on the social side were birthdays, pre-marriage and House warming  functions.

Chennai  society which was once branded as a conservative city,  has undergone a drastic change which is evident from the way events are being celebrated, notwithstanding their nature. We find serving cocktails has become a necessary part of an event, perhaps the only exception is a  birthday celebration, especially of  children. Bangalore too seems to have  caught up with Chennai in this respect  and  Hyderabad  appears to lag behind for the moment, will not be surprised  if it follows  the common thread  to keep up with the joneses, its neighbours.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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