Celebrating IWD 07/03/2012

How are you going  to celebrate IWD this year? My husband wanted to know.

Haven’t decided as yet, I said.

Better decide fast as there are less than 15 hours for the day to dawn, he stated.

Thank God  for  reminding me, I  said.

I am considering the various options, I added.

How many? He asked.

Perhaps half a dozen of them, I  replied.

Reel them off, and  may be I could help in zeroing in on one or two, he offered.

No thanks, leave the decision to me for once, I  replied not wanting his help for such a trivial  thing.

Have you made up your mind  or do you need more time, he asked after waiting for nearly half an hour.

Well, you wanted to know my options, didn’t you ? —here they are:

Option no. one: Attend a Symposium  of  women writers, both foreign and Indian.

Option no.two: Attend a workshop on Time Management  for working women.

Option no.three: A talk on Balancing  work and home life.

Who is the speaker? He asked interrupting me.

I  mentioned her name.

I veto this option of yours right away because the person you mention is a high profile social figure who hasn’t  taken care either of her home or its inmates,  he asserted.

Your knowledge of  such things amazes me, is all that I could say.

Now listen to the rest of my options without interrupting  :  a whole day out with my friends/ calling  them over for lunch to our place / watching a movie and dining out.

Your options seem to be  run of the mill kind, he mocked.

O.K.if you were in my place ,how would you prefer celebrating IWD? I  asked

Firstly, let me tell you I wouldn’t waste  nearly an hour to know what I want to do on a day so important to women all over the world. I would like to meet some of the women at the grass roots level, such as  the domestic help and  women construction workers in their own homes/shacks to find out how they have to slog outside and inside their homes, to keep their home fires burning and keep their alcoholic husbands(since most of them are)  in place which I am sure is indeed a challenging task  for them! Saying so, he looked straight into my eyes.

I think that’s a good idea to consider, I said after a pause.

Not just to consider ,but to go ahead with it if you ask me, he suggested.

Though I wanted to thank my husband for helping me to decide, I  refrained from doing so.


n.meera raghavendra rao  


3 thoughts on “Celebrating IWD 07/03/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    Greetings to you (and to your maid!) on IWD! If you follow your hubby’s suggestion, your maid might disappear for the day citing IWD!

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    The reason your hubby is suggesting that you should spend the day in researching how the women folk belonging to the lower socio-economic strata are balancing work & home life, is perhaps to create an awareness in you of how fortunate you are relative to them and how grateful you ought to be towards your hubby for not being an alcoholic and for encouraging you to actualize your potential. All this could be self-serving for him since he might appear to be a god to you when compared with those scumbags and enhance your respect for him. Thus you did the right thing in not thanking him for his hidden-agenda-laden suggestions !

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