Caught off guard! 13/3/2012

Where are all the things you purchased? Asked my husband looking wide eyed at the two empty  cloth bags I returned  home with.

Was it a holiday  for  the store? He said even before I replied.

No, the store was very much open, I said.

Then why did you come without buying anything? I thought you needed to buy  groceries for the month since you ran out of them, he observed.

Yes, I do need them, I  said.

Then why didn’t you purchase them?  He asked annoyed.

Well, I couldn’t, I said.

What do you mean by you couldn’t? he  looked perplexed.

I couldn’t, that’s all, I said quite exasperated.

Was it because the store was crowded considering that it’s the first week of the month and you felt stifled among the crowd? He wanted to know.

No, the store was quite empty. In fact I picked up all the things on my list and went to the billing counter, I  said atlast.

Then what happened? Where was the problem? Did the man disappear for lunch and you didn’t wish to wait till he came back to bill the items? He said.

No, nothing of that sort happened. The billing was done and I had to just pay for them, I said.

Then why didn’t you? He almost demanded.

I couldn’t because I was caught off guard as the man wanted me to pay in cash and  I wasn’t carrying  any, I said.

But didn’t you have your credit card  in your hand bag? He asked.

Yes, I did  and presented it to him  but he couldn’t swipe it, I explained.

Was something wrong with the instrument ? You know they have all this sub standard stuff  even in large stores, he commented.

No, nothing was wrong with the instrument but you don’t expect the poor thing to put up with all this voltage fluctuation as we all do, I  lamented.

n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “Caught off guard! 13/3/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    Power shedding can cause the swiping machine to go dead. This is the first time I hear that low voltage caused it! Lesson: Always carry enough cash.

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