Attraction or Distraction? 02/04/2012

Why has it taken so long for you to return from shopping? I asked my niece who had come from abroad  to spend a few days with us.

Oh, aunty, it was all because of the delay in billing the items, she said sounding quite exasperated.

Was  there any problem with the machine? I asked.

No, none at all, she stated.

Then why the delay?Was there a  big queue at the counter?I wanted to know.

No, infact there were just a few customers, and my turn came quite soon,  she replied.

Then I can’t understand the reason for delaying to bill the items. Was the  man/woman   talking over the  mobile?  I asked the inevitable question.

No, he wasn’t, but  found something else which seemed to have attracted his attention. Infact all the six pairs of eyes almost turned simultaneously towards the  entrance, she  said.

What  had  attracted  so many of them all at once? I asked puzzled. Was it the arrival of a film star? I added as an after thought.

Aunty, I  don’t  know  if she  was a film star or not, but she was dressed  like one, in   the briefest shots and a top, observed my niece.

Aunty you told me  to dress like an Indian while in India  but I see  Indians dressing like westerners and  attracting attention of  people around, even stopping them from carrying on with their work, she complained all in one breath.

Yes, I agree, I said  wondering  whether it was ‘attraction’ or ‘distraction’ or both, which depended upon the beholder!


n. meera raghavendra rao   


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