Attitude has no status 25/06/2012

The  biggest problem  in life  is a person’s attitude, and you don’t need a Shiv Khera to endorse this fact and it is not the first time I am writing about it. The day begins with my maid, an absolute illiterate who is too assertive for my comfort. She arrives while I am half, sometimes quarter way through my morning walk and literally persuades me to let her into the house to finish  her chores.  When I tell her she is much ahead of  her scheduled hour,  her stock answer is, ‘it is just for today.’ She is a very fast worker going about her job of  leaving the vessels greasy, the floor dusty   and  the wash rooms in a flood of water. Even if I venture to suggest she improve the quality of her work, she again becomes defensive and more often offensive that too talking in the loudest voice possible, saying when she is already good at her work how can I expect her to do better!

As the day progresses, and  you decide to step out  to get a few things for the house  and attend a marriage reception at the end of the day, you should thank your stars  if the  driver of the cab you engage doesn’t display his ‘attitude.’ You find yourself a silent witness to  what he likes doing best even as he is driving you crazy by talking into his mobile non stop, more often fighting with his wife. Trying to give a few instructions/ directions to your destination will fall on deaf ears because his ears are otherwise engaged. If you  try with all your might to draw his attention, he literally drives you mad  showing his annoyance by driving at break neck speed making you fear for your life! You breathe a sigh of relief   once the car stops at your house with a thud jerking you out of your seat!

Well, the attitude of the higher ups is less mentioned the better, be they the politicians with power or the moneyed sans conscience who infest  our society at the perils of the common folks like you and me.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


6 thoughts on “Attitude has no status 25/06/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    You have given a voice/script to what I too feel about domestic help and cab drivers. They have not heard about customer satisfaction and labour under the delusion of Entitlement. They feel they are entitled to respect from others despite their shoddy & cursory way of doing things. They expect us to be grateful to them for whatever services they provide condescendingly. If you express any dissatisfaction they will attribute it to your having gargantuan expectations which nobody can fulfill, and not to any deficiency in themselves.

  2. Professor V Raghavan

    This is Attitude!
    If an egg is broken by an outside force, a life ends. If an egg breaks from within, a life begins.
    Great things always begin from within!

    1. My above reply refers to attitude in the ‘negative’ sense ,applying to people who have giant size egos and think they are perfect irrespective of status!

  3. V Raghavan

    Being of a general nature, my above comment on hindsight seems to be a bit off the mark, for the specifics discussed in the posting and the comments of VNK. Well, sometimes it happens!

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