All for 30 seconds!12/04/2012

I had returned from a meeting during the hottest part of the day  and plunged into my work that was pending for quite some time. Suddenly I felt my chair shaking and my head reeling and thought my imagination/ creativity was going  wild. Even before I could attribute any reason for what was happening, my hand placed on  the rose wood table( which stood  steady like a rock)  started moving in the gentlest of fashion. I immediately drew back my hand and placed it on the table once again but experienced the same sensation all over. Soon I began feeling sick and thought the five star food  I had  at the meeting was playing havoc with my system and cursed my indulgence.

Since I wished to divert myself I switched on the television to watch the regional news  and what I saw shocked me –the anchor who was in the midst of reading the news bulletin perhaps felt something strange happening to her because she suddenly looked flabbergasted and turning from one side to the other went on repeating ‘chair aadradhu, chair aadradhu’. It was only then  I realized the culprit  was not what I had imagined but  the result  of nature’s fury manifesting thousands  of miles away.

The spot interviews conducted by  the regional  television channels playing on the gullibility of  men/women on the street was  amusing for the way the interviewers were asking them to describe their experience during the psunami.They all without any exception asserted that the ‘phenomenon’ lasted for nearly ‘five minutes’ and they  expected the worst  to happen like it did a few years ago.

There was something more amusing  which we happened to notice in some parts of the city (when we drove around) where posh multi storied buildings existed.  Several inmates  of  these buildings gathered in the car park holding large suitcases close to their  person ! I t does not need any imagination to guess what they contained!


n.meera raghavendra rao   


2 thoughts on “All for 30 seconds!12/04/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    I was sitting with a visitor and it is surprising that I didn’t feel anything at all. The visitor answered his cell phone several times, asking me each time to excuse. There were a couple of abortive landline calls from my sister. It is amazing how this phenomenon makes people to share instantly their experiences with their near and dear ones. Now you have also done it through your blog in your own inimitable way!

    1. Yes, sharing is a two way process –could be through speech .word or deed. My blog perhaps enables me to share through the second and Feedback from visitors completes the process.

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